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Tools to Add to Your DIY Toolbox

This time of Summer is when the annual budgeting really comes in handy. Your teacher’s salary is not coming in, you took a few vacations and it looks like you’re going to have some trouble making it through the end of Summer. We feel for you here at Levine & Sons and we want to help give you the tools to fix some minor plumbing solutions on your own. You’ll need to start with the right tools:

Closet Auger

  • When a plunger is not getting the job done, an auger should be your next step.
  • It takes some plumbing skill to master this tool. If you’re uncomfortable, call Levine & Sons!
  • The auger works by being fed down your toilet drain and expanding to enclose the clog and it releases it once it is removed.

Pipe Wrench

  • This is your basic wrench that is good for all sorts of DIY home improvement work.
  • The Levine professionals recommend that you buy a wrench with an adjustable feature to fit all of your pipes.
  • If you notice a leak beneath your sink, open the drawers and get under there to tighten any loose fixtures.
  • If this doesn’t stop the leak, you should call a professional to come and have a look.  

Basin Wrench

  • A basin wrench has a very long handle which allows it to go places that most others won’t.
  • It can tighten or loosen fittings that are hidden behind other pipes or hardware.

Slip-Joint Pliers

  • These types of pliers are great for working underneath a sink.
  • They can remove large nuts or bolts like the ones you find in the trap under your sink.
  • If you know your way around the hardware, this tool is a must have in your toolbox.


  • One of the oldest and most useful tools in the book.
  • Always keep your plunger near your toilet and make sure you know where it is.
  • When that water rises, find the shutoff valve and then immediately take the plunger and relieve the clog.

If you don’t trust yourself to complete plumbing repairs, the team at Levine & Sons is right here for you. We know money might be tight right now, but we are offering these awesome plumbing coupons so we don’t drain your wallet!

To schedule plumbing service, call 1-888-LEVINE1 or click around on our website!

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