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The Scary Sounds From Your Furnace and What They Mean

The Halloween spirit is alive and well here at Levine & Sons and we want to tell you about the spooky sounds coming from your furnace. They should not be ignored and if the furnace ghost is causing you problems, you need to call in the ghostbusters. Our heating technicians can be those guys:

Scraping Sounds

  • Your blower belt runs on a wheel that helps make the entire operation run. When that blower belt comes loose from the wheel or when the wheel itself becomes loose, metal will start to rub on metal.
  • You can not fix this on your own and it is unsafe to try doing so. Call in your Levine & Sons heating professionals immediately.

Banging or Popping

  • A dirty furnace can lead to these banging or popping noises. The debris can gather on your burners and affect the way the unit takes to the gas. This causes an excess amount of gas to ignite and cause a mini explosion. If this happens enough, you can damage your heat exchanger.
  • Your air ducts expanding and contracting could also be the reason for this issue. It will be easy to tell the cause of the issue because the ducts will sound more like a pop when you fix a dent in your car.

Squealing or Whistling

  • The squealing could be a tell tale sign that you have an air filter that needs cleaning. The air squeezing through the dirty filter will make that squeal or whistle.
  • It could also be loose bearings or just some minor adjustments that need to be made.

We have been repairing furnaces in the Metro Detroit area for over 80 years and our commitment to customer service will take us through for the next 80 years. We will roll out a Red Carpet upon arrival and your home will look better than when we found it.

To schedule a furnace repair or tune-up, call 1-888-LEVINE1 or click around on our website!


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