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Why Are Tree Roots Growing In My Pipes?

It’s not uncommon for tree roots to grow into, and clog up, your sewer pipes. You may be wondering how they get in there and why the heck they would want to get in there in the first place and don’t worry, you’re not alone. After all, tree roots can cause major problems when it comes to your home’s plumbing system so we’re going to answer your question and explain what can be done to correct the problem, below:


Why Do Tree Roots Like Pipes?

Just like other plants, trees need water and oxygen to grow. Guess what can be found inside your sewer pipes? That’s right – water and oxygen. But that’s only an appetizer for tree roots.

There are plenty of additional nutrients tree roots are looking for that they can get a hold of once they get inside your pipes. We’re assuming they don’t think twice about the taste!

How Do Tree Roots Get Into Pipes?

There’s a lot going on underground that regular people simply can’t see. Tree roots tend to enter pipes through small cracks or gaps where they then find a home for themselves.

As they continue to absorb water and nutrients inside your pipes, they can grow much larger and wider and eventually cause serious problems for your plumbing system.

So, what can be done to prevent tree roots from causing plumbing problems?

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sure, you could spend hours digging up your lawn and finding the “root” cause of the problem. Or, you could have an expert pinpoint the problem with a camera and remove the roots with an auger.

Then, your pipes can be relined without making a mess of your yard, so that tree roots won’t be able to penetrate your pipes in the future.

Suspect roots have gotten into your plumbing line? Give the expert drain team at Levine & Sons a call today! Our drain cleaning personnel are dedicated to drains only, meaning drains are their specialty. They’ll spot the trouble areas, no matter how small.

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