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HVAC Childproofing Tips

Your HVAC unit might seem harmless, but like most things, it is easy for your child to turn it into a hazard. Forget the gas and electrical hazards, there are some more obvious precautions you can take to reduce risk of accidental injury. Start with these FOUR areas»

Secure Vents
Shiny objects that have sharp edges are a child’s kryptonite and it is your job as a parent to protect them from their curiosity. The problem with these registers is that they can get loose and cut a child’s fingers or even worse. Try screwing them into hardwood floors, or for extreme measures, these units do come in plastic versions.

Higher the Better
You want to make sure your thermostat is in a place that is inaccessible for young ones– like somewhere high up. Again, this is an object that they see as shiny and fun to play with, but it can cause harm to them and to your HVAC system. Try to adjust the thermostat while your kids are occupied so they don’t view it as some type of game.

Hide Remotes
Many folks nowadays have remotes that control their HVAC thermostat. This makes adjusting the temperature in your home more convenient, but it is yet another thing you have to keep out of your child’s reach. This object should be locked away in a draw where you keep other child hazardous items.

Fence In HVAC Unit
Your outdoor HVAC unit is not a jungle gym, but it could appear this way to a child. This unit should be fenced in to deny access and eliminate problems before they occur. But when you do this, make sure you leave enough room for your HVAC technician to work. That is a request that is very close to our heart!

Protecting your children is the number one priority and we wanted to do our part to help out! If that HVAC unit has any problems and your little ones aren’t up for repairs, the Levine technicians sure will be. We are a family owned and operated service and our number one goal is comfort for you and your family.

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