The 5 WORST Things You Can Do To Your Toilet

Imagine a day without a functioning toilet. Scary, right? It’s one of the most important features that needs to run well to create a functional setting for residents. Unfortunately, many people have bad habits that can affect how well it works. If you want to avoid damaging your plumbing system, there are a few things you need to stop doing right away:

  1. Using it as a Trash Can

People often resort to using the toilet as a trash can when they need to dispose of certain products. From tampons to hair from your brush, many different items can cause clogs or cause the throne to break down quite easily. Keep in mind that cotton is one of the worst offenders because it absorbs water and expands as a result.

  1. You Only Flush Once

When you’re using the restroom for an extended period, it can be easy for too much toilet paper to be used. Instead of waiting until you’re finished to flush the toilet, make it a point to flush at different times to ensure that the paper is flushed in portions to avoid clogging the pipes.

  1. Using the Wrong Tool for Clogs

Although the toilet may become clogged from time to time, it’s important to avoid using the wrong tool to fix the problem. Many people run straight for the drain snake to unclog the toilet, which can lead to more severe issues if you’re not careful. Use a toilet auger and a simple plunger first, before you move onto the heavy artillery.

  1. Flushing Grease

Whatever you do, don’t flush grease down the drain. Sure, it may seem like an easy method for getting rid of the waste, but it will only leave you in a world of trouble. Grease will begin to solidify in the pipes as it cools and can cause the toilet to back up.

  1. Ignoring Issues

If the toilet is running or has a leak, you’ll need to hire a professional to inspect the parts immediately to ensure that the problem is fixed before it becomes more severe or leads to damage. What may seem like a very minor issue to you, could actually lead to a series of additional headaches if let unattended.

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