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The Low Down on High Pressure Water Jetting

When it comes to drain cleaning, you’ve probably heard of the traditional methods of drain snakes, chemical drain cleaners, and environmentally-friendly baking soda and vinegar mixtures. But what if we told you that there is another form of drain cleaning that not only is environmentally-friendly but often more effective as well? High pressure water jetting may

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5 DIY Tool Terms You Need To Know

Whether it’s a hobby or a begrudging task around the house, homeowners will often come face to face with DIY projects each year. If you have years of experience, you may be able to tackle projects more quickly than your inexperienced neighbor or counterpart, but in either situation it helps if you’re familiar with some

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5 Unconventional Uses For Coffee

Are you the type of person who can’t start their morning without a hot cup of joe? Coffee is a beverage consumed by millions of people across the globe, but most people discard the grinds after the drink is brewed. In honor of Caffeine Awareness Month, we’re sharing some unconventional ways to use coffee, below!

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