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The Ultimate Guide To BTUs

Finally pulling the trigger on a new air conditioner? We don’t blame you – it can be difficult to survive the summer months without one. But before you head out to the local home improvement store or pull up a new window online, it’s vital to understand BTUs. What are they and why are they important? Find out below!

What is a BTU?

Air conditioners are rated on an energy-efficiency system based upon the size of the room they are intended to be used is. This unit of measurement is called BTUs, or British Thermal Units.

Generally speaking, the larger the room, the higher the BTUs should be in order to cool the room efficiently. And oversized, or undersized air conditioner can actually make energy bills skyrocket.

BTU Calculator

Room Size (Feet) Area (Square Feet) Recommended BTUs
10 x 15 150 5,000
17 x 20 340 8,000
18 x 25 450 10,000
25 x 32 800 15,000
39 x 40 1,560 24,500

Additional A/C Buying Tips:

  • Be sure to calculate the size of the room before you begin shopping. This will help you sort through models and options so you can look for what you need. 
  • Make sure there are power sources nearby where you’re looking to locate the air conditioner. It’s also vital to make sure the power sources can handle the increase in electrical load. 
  • Measure to make sure the air conditioner you’re going to purchase actually fits in the window or opening.

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